Halibut Cocktail

Halibut Cocktail

This Halibut Cocktail is a great appetizer. I first made this cocktail when I had left over halibut from dinner several years ago.  I was just experimenting and loved it! Now I’ll buy one halibut steak when they are on sale just to make it. You could really use any white fish.

The next couple of weeks I’m doing a series on a

Five Course Candlelight Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Today I’m sharing the first course,the appetizer,

 Halibut Cocktail

Halibut Cocktail

Halibut Cocktail


1 Halibut Steak (grilled)

1 lemon

1 avocado

1 tomato


Cocktail Sauce:

3 Tbs. ketchup

juice from 1/2 lemon

1 teas. horseradish or to taste

about 6 drops Tabasco sauce


Cut halibut into pieces, place in bottom of small bowl. Cut lemon and tomato into triangle pieces, prepare avocado and slice, chop a small stalk of celery and save a few pieces of the celery leaf. Arrange the vegetables on top of the halibut.

Cocktail Sauce:

In a small bowl add all ingredients and stir.

Add a spoonful on top of your creation and serve.

1 Halibut Cocktail

Our son, James, stopped by the house the day I was making this. He came up with centerpiece for my Halibut Cocktail by making a beautiful butterfly out of a radish. Then he cut some zucchini in different lengths to make the tree stump. He then chopped up some celery leaves to sprinkle around the bottom. Used a toothpick to stand the butterfly up. Isn’t he clever and creative.



Check back Friday for the second course of my Candlelight Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two.

Now I know today you were expecting my World Trivia Series, but our trucking business has been making some changes since the first of the year and our schedule is also changing. The truth is…it’s really messing up my days off!  So Memories by the Mile is making changes too! I will be posting my Around the World Trivia on Wednesday’s. So be sure and join me each week for this new trivia series. This week we will be in Puerto Rico.

Be sure and come by tomorrow for Treasure Box Tuesday with  Joy from Yesterfood. We have some awesome features.


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  1. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    Delish! What a great first course for Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to see the rest of the meal :)

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